At the Calvin Center for Faith & Writing, scholarship takes many forms. As importantly, the Center invites many constituencies to participate in scholarly endeavors: undergraduates and scholars, lay readers and published authors, publishers in established and new technologies, teachers at all levels of education and writers of all ages.

The Center owes a great deal to the thoughtful engagement with literature that has characterized the Festival of Faith & Writing from its beginnings in 1990, a long tradition of excellence established by Calvin’s English Department. It also benefits from a long tradition of excellence throughout many departments at Calvin University of examining—through scholarship and community engagement—the ways in which writing and belief interact. Story is everywhere—embedded in all disciplines—and the Center exists to work in an interdisciplinary way to highlight it. As such, the Center is deeply versed in literary traditions but also intensely engaged in the current culture of letters and features scholarship (including creative works) in all kinds of genres for all kinds of audiences.

By continuing the public scholarship begun with the Festival of Faith & Writing and developing a substantial complement of other initiatives, the CCFW seeks to amplify Calvin University’s already significant voice in the ongoing conversation about belief and the literary arts. 

The Calvin Center for Faith & Writing support scholarship, then, that take a number of forms:

  • For students, the Hudson-Townsend Student Fellowships have been established as a core element of the Calvin Center for Faith & Writing. Student Fellows receive extensive mentoring in work centered on the contemporary world of letters—both professionally (producing texts through writing, editing, publishing; producing media; event planning) and philosophically (thinking about issues in contemporary literature, particularly those related to faith). More generally, students from across campus participate in all the CCFW’s events in many capacities, from attending events to serving on the Festival’s student committee.
  • For faculty, the CCFW Faculty Fellows program allows three Calvin University faculty members, biennially, to receive fellowships to further thoughtful conversation related to belief and literature. Their work includes but is not limited to the extensive research that shapes the Festival of Faith & Writing, from building its roster of speakers to crafting interviews and convening thoughtful on-stage conversations.
  • For readers everywhere, the CCFW features the Festival of Faith & Writing—a wonderful event of public scholarship—and offers ongoing resources through our podcast and other media productions. In the future, the goal is to increase the material available for scholars through an online archive. The Center also regularly hosts lectures and book events and collaborates with community groups.