Continuing Education Credits

We are pleased to offer State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs), formerly called continuing education units, for Festival attendees who apply for them. SCECHs are issued by the State of Michigan so we advise that you check to ensure that your institution will accept them before applying. The fee for this service is $25.

We recommend that you sign up to receive an application for SCECHs in advance of the Festival by e-mailing us at Upon receiving your e-mail, we will send you the application to bring with you to the Festival. (We will also have applications available at the Festival registration desk for those who would like them).

SCECHs will be awarded in the following manner:

-Applicants must check in with the monitor at each session prior to its scheduled start time and check out after its scheduled end time. The session monitors will initial and write the times down on applications. Session monitors will be pointed out at the Festival’s opening plenary event and will be easy to identify by their matching shirts.

-For every hour of session time attended and initialed, applicants may earn an hour of credit, with a maximum of 18 available credits for attendance at the entire event.

-Attendees must fill in their applications completely (including a valid email address) and turn them in at the Festival registration desk, along with their check for $25 made out to Calvin College, prior to leaving the Festival.

Please note that the State of Michigan may reject applications that do not meet all of the criteria stated above.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.