The 2020 Festival of Faith & Writing will once again include Festival Circles, small groups that meet two times during the Festival (times determined by the Festival Planning Committee) to discuss a topic of common interest. Each circle is composed of no more than 20 attendees and is led by a Festival participant. Facilitators whose groups draw at least 10 attendees will be eligible for a complimentary registration*, but are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and meals.

We’re currently looking for facilitators who can lead these Festival Circles effectively. Responsibilities include:

  • Proposing a topic that will focus your Festival Circle.
  • Corresponding with attendees who are interested in being a part of your circle.
  • Contacting the participants prior to the Festival to provide them with information about the specifics of meeting place and times.
  • Guiding the conversation during the meetings by asking key questions and raising important issues about your topic, particularly in light of the sessions attended by participants during the Festival.
  • Completing an evaluation after the Festival.

Festival Circle topics can be quite varied. There have been Festival Circles that engaged specific groups of people, including a Pastors’ Circle, High School Teachers’ Circle, and Bloggers’ Circle. Other Circles have been more topical, focusing on the Lectio Divina, parenting and writing in tandem, or why storytelling matters. We are open to suggestions of all kinds but will be limited in the number of proposals we can accept.

If you would like to lead a Festival Circle, please fill out the proposal form here. Only one proposal per facilitator will be accepted; if multiple proposals are submitted, none of them will be considered. By completing this form, you are affirming that you will be at the Festival in Grand Rapids and available anytime between noon on Thursday, April 16, and noon on Saturday, April 18, 2020 to lead your Circle. Requests to change the scheduled times for Circles will not be granted.

Proposals are due by 11:59 PM EST on November 4, 2019, and no late submissions will be accepted.

Questions? Please contact us!

*Facilitators whose proposals are accepted will be given instructions regarding their registration by February 7, 2020. Applicants who are planning to attend Festival regardless of their role as a Circle Leader should still register and pay in order to ensure a ticket to Festival, and their fees will be refunded if their proposal is selected.